29 Sep

How to stay out of jail when charged with a DUI



When the cop pulls you over for driving under the influence, your first reaction should be to remain calm, composed, and call an attorney. Most people often panic and get into confusion. They neither know what to say to the police, nor what to do next. This is the reason they often end with lots of problems.

If you look at some of the cases where people have ended up behind bars, you will notice that they would have avoided it with ease if they had sought the services of a trusted lawyer. With so many attorneys offering defense against such charges, there is no doubt that finding one will be quite easy. Consider the following factors when looking for a Top Howard County Maryland Attorney.

Experience with DUI cases

22dhkjfhghukhIt is good to contact attorneys that have experience with DUI cases. Although any lawyer that understand the law can take over this case, you should know that there are unique aspects that are related to a DUI. The nature of this case requires someone who has been through it to understand every aspect.

Because of this, you may want to contact various people who have hired the attorney. Find out how they were defended, and if they were able to avoid jail. If you notice that most of them were convicted, it is an indication that maybe, the attorney may not be the one that you need.

Ability to examine the conduct of the officers

The attorney will go through the events before and after arrest to determine if you should be in custody in the first place. They will look at how the officer pulled you over, and find out if they were supposed to arrest you in the first place. There are times when arresting officers break the laws, but many people hardly bother to follow up.

If the attorney can prove that you were wrongly arrested, it will be the first major step towards setting you free. They also will want to look at how the officers handled the case after arresting you, and determine if they followed due procedure.

Avoiding suspension of driving privileges

33lkjofjhkljlkOne thing that you will be expecting from the DUI lawyer is to fight against the suspension of your driving licenses. If the court is going to order for the withdrawal of your license, you can be sure to be in a lot of trouble. You do not want to imagine how life will be when you are not allowed to drive anymore.

Unfortunately, most pole who end up losing their driving licenses are the ones that rely on the wrong lawyers. Therefore, you need to find a professional that will fight this to the end.

Finding a top Howard County Maryland Attorney to help you with a DUI defense should not be difficult. With so many qualified and accredited attorneys in this area, you can always be sure of getting the best services. Just be sure to go through their background to be sure of what they are likely to offer you.