16 Nov

Finding a good family lawyer


You might require a family lawyer at some point in your marriage. The situations in which a family lawyer is needed might be stressful such that you cannot get through without their help. A family lawyer has a deep understanding concerning all family issues and will take you through your hard time. Some qualities, however, should be looked at when hiring a family lawyer. It such qualities that tell if you have hired the right person or not. You should hire lawyers from reputable law firms like Lockett McCullough family lawyers. Below are some of the qualities of a good family lawyer.

Qualities of a good family lawyer


2wertAbove anything else, the lawyer must be able to communicate well. It is crucial. They should be able to present their ideas in a clear and easy manner. You must be able to present your concerns and suggestions to your lawyer freely. Your lawyer must be able to communicate with other parties involved as well. With good communication, the lawyer will be able to do productive negotiations and keep costs down. If the case goes to court, they will be of great help.


Well, the attorney must present you. They should not only present you but present you well. It is at this point where skills and experience matter. If you are going through a divorce, we all know it could affect sensitive aspects of your life like finances, job, and retirement. Your lawyer must keep all your interests protected. If the lawyer has experience in cases similar to yours, you will be better placed because they will know how to handle yours successfully.


While looking for a lawyer, make sure that he will be present in all important sections of your case. If in any case, he will not be available, he should send support to represent him. He should avail himself to answer all questions promptly. Meeting timelines mean he is dedicated. He should not be held up all the time your case is going on.

Support and resources

You are not the only client the la1qwewyer has. This means they might not be available all the time to answer your questions. What then should happen if the lawyer is away and something essential comes up? He or she should have a support system who will take care of your concerns while he is away.

30 Oct

Understanding Family Law and What It Really Covers


As you might expect, family law is a branch of law that covers a wide range of legal issues specifically related to or surrounding familial relationships. It could be anything from marriage, divorce, domestic partnership, civil unions, child care support and custody, marital rights, property arrangements, to plenty of other incidental issues that may originate from the family as a whole. To understand more about family law and what it covers here’s some information you might want to know.

To begin with, the practice of family law normally happens inside zoifbaokbfa0860896family courts instituted by state and federal laws. A lawyer who has specialised in this field, besides providing legal assistance, also assumes the role of a marital/family counselor whereby he/she identifies issues that perhaps need discussion and resolutions, and proceeds to advise on the best way forward.

Overall, family law covers a number of areas that include:

Pre-marital agreements

Many purportedly believe that pre-marital agreements only apply to the rich. But that’s not the case. In fact, this type of agreement can be entered into by anyone who has stipulations on the marriage. In the event of a divorce, it’s this agreement that will keep one spouse from taking financial advantage over the other spouse. Still, other stipulations can also be included. It could be reasons for ending the marriage, how the property is to be divided amongst other aspects.


If you plan to adopt from another country and not from the state’s child welfare services, chances are high you’ll need an attorney. There are complex procedures to be followed, and so someone who is specialised in this area can assist you to navigate through it successfully. However, the process could be a little different in the case of a step-parent who wishes to adopt their stepchild but still, relying on the advice of a professional will help.


Family law is the avenue where you can bring cases of abuse and neglect both for paternal and maternal authority. Here, the possibility of termination of parental rights may be adjusted against the abusive or neglectful parent or spouse.

Restraining orders

hfdhasdthjs0970097aIn case you are in a situation where you need legal protection from a family member or former lover, you can do this through a restraining order. Although getting it is easy, making it permanent is quite difficult. Thus, it’s only best if you have an attorney to assist you.

Custody arrangements

Now, this is possibly the most popular area of family law since it majorly involves custody arrangements within divorce settlements. Through an attorney, you’ll both be assisted to arrive at what’s best not only for you but your entire family as well, in the case of a divorce.

Lastly, aside from those areas we’ve mentioned, family law still covers areas related to legitimation/paternity determination, plus all other aspects that are not clearly defined under family law but directly affect or is affected by family relations.

In conclusion, as we’ve seen from family law and what it covers, in general, it’s pretty clear that we all need protection and guidance over any vital personal and domestic matter we might encounter at some point in life. And through a family attorney, we can be able to get the necessary assistance we need to navigate through everything successfully. So keep you and your loved ones under state protection today.