08 Aug

What Role Does a Solicitor Play in Dispute Resolution?


The law is rather complicated in any part of the world, and we as lay people have no idea of its intricacies. That is why there are professionals who we know as solicitors, lawyers or attorneys that we turn to when we need legal assistance.

What do lawyers do?ku7j645h4

Many people think that lawyers only go to court and talk on behalf of the prosecution or a defendant? However, there are professional solicitors that do handle many areas of law but specialize in dispute resolution.

Why do you need a lawyer for dispute resolution?

Disputes can happen in many areas of life. Whether it is a legal dispute between companies or a property dispute a solicitor can help represent you in litigation, arbitration, mediation and expert determination. They will know what your rights and obligations are and will advise you where you should apply pressure or draw the line. A solicitor is a person who is well versed in the law. He will represent your interests during such situations and will negotiate with the other party who may also have a solicitor representing them. The ultimate goal of resolutions is to come to a settlement where both parties agree to meet on some common ground.

Are they worth their fees?

The simple answer is YES. Solicitors can help you settle a dispute without it being dragged on for ages. They can also, drag it on if the other party is trying to get away without being reasonable. A solicitor who specializes in this area will know exactly what to say and will always be there to give you the required guidance.

If you try to resolve a dispute by yourself, you may end up getting the short end of the deal and may live to regret it later on in your life.

What is arbitration?

j75j6453When two parties have a dispute, they often do not talk to each other but will on their own try to claim that they are right. A dispute resolution solicitor will be the go-between person who talks to both sides. He will consider the requests of demands of both sides and try to come up with a solution that will give both parties what they want which will be a compromise. They are skilled in negotiating and know how to make each party feel that the solution they get is the best way to end the dispute.

It is not always about winning but sometimes meeting each other in the middle to solve a dispute.